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Future Focused Sleep Strategies: The I.N.F.A.N.T. Model

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Is your baby waking frequently at night, leaving you both exhausted and frustrated? Do you feel uncomfortable with standard sleep training but know your baby (and you!) need better sleep ASAP? Have you felt overwhelmed by one-size-fits-all sleep programs that prescribe a specific method without regard for your family’s specific needs and priorities?

Enter Future Focused Sleep Strategies.

What You'll Learn:

  • The essential six components of promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • The surprising truth about what leads to sleeping through the night
  • Gentle ways to bring routine into your baby's day
  • How to use needs assessment to facilitate better sleep outcomes
  • What your baby's cry is actually telling you
  • How to effectively order the events in your baby's day for optimal sleep

You don’t have to spend the first months of your baby’s life bleary-eyed and desperate! Let Future Focused Sleep Strategies change your perspective and transform your sleep.

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