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Future Focused Parenting Fundamentals Online Course

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Have you been overwhelmed by parenting programs that take too much of your time without providing useful tools? Do you just want to know what to do?!? Does your parenting more closely resemble putting out fires than coherent, strategic action? Do you long for a feeling of competence as you make parenting decisions?

Or are you currently expecting your first baby and hoping to avoid the struggles you see your friends encounter as they parent?

The Future Focused Parenting Fundamentals online course addresses all these issues and teaches you how to stop raising kids and start raising fully functional, healthy adults.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to be a Future Focused Parent: the six components to intentional, proactive parenting
  • Ways to bring clarity to your parenting goals and priorities
  • How to create a foundation that will inform all of your parenting choices with an eye toward the future
  • Tools that move you from feeling constantly caught off-guard to feeling empowered and prepared
  • How to set up a framework that makes problem-solving simple
  • Strategies to promote parental unity

You can enjoy parenthood and feel empowered as you move through this important season in life. The Future Focused Parenting Fundamentals online course will help you do just that!

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