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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

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If you are reading this, then you already know how important it is to foster emotional intelligence in our kids.

But many parents wonder how exactly do I do that?

Great question! It's actually pretty simple, and this video will teach you everything you need to know to help your children grow their EQ, along with tools and tips for how to parent with empathy and build a strong relationship with your child.

This video is packed with tools and techniques parents can implement right away.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The groundbreaking 3 Ns process guaranteed to foster emotional intelligence in any challenging situation
  • How to parent with empathy and build a strong relationship with your child
  • The most important component parents miss when it comes to Emotional Intelligence
  • How to separate your child's feelings from their behavior
  • Ways to teach your child healthy coping and processing strategies for their big feelings
  • How to help your child recognize and understand the emotions of others
  • Essential vocabulary and phrases every parent needs, empowering you to think on your feet

The strategies you’ll learn in this online course can be applied to nearly every situation, helping parents move through every challenge with confidence that they are teaching emotional intelligence and parenting with empathy and love.

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