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Calendar of Character Traits - 12 Months of Character Building Activities and Resources for Kids

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An Entire Year of Character Building in One Handy Printable!

If you’re working to foster character in your children, but could use some help with ideas, the Calendar of Character Traits can help! Focusing on a different attribute each month, this calendar provides a plethora of information for raising kids full of character.

Each month includes:

*A character trait with definition

*Ideas for how parents can model the specific trait

*Activities for instilling the attribute

*A resource to read or enjoy together

*Quote (s)

*Topics for parent discussion about that month’s character trait

The Calendar of Character Traits offers a tangible way for parents to get intentional about instilling various attributes while preventing overwhelm. With only one trait to focus on each month, parents become exceedingly comfortable with each area before moving on to the next.